Fiberlogy PLA MINERAL 3D Printer Filament – 850g



Details do matter. Especially when you need to print very precise models or sculptures. Then you will find PLA MINERALvery helpful. It is a material that resembles plaster casting. This distinctive feature, combined with the precision of the prints, makes it possible to use it in architectural and artistic studios, detailed prototyping and modelling.
No shape poses a challenge for PLA MINERAL. Its properties allow for accurate replication of even the tiniest elements. Test it for yourself and you will see every detail.

  • + Description


    1. MODELS: buildings, structures, land development projects, interiors
    2. DECORATIONS: statues, sculptures, reliefs
    3. MODELING: small elements requiring high precision
    4. PROTOTYPES: concept models, small parts
  • + How to print?

    The following parameters are only suggested print settings for this material. To ensure the best print quality, it is necessary to choose the appropriate settings for a specific printer and printing conditions.

    Nozzle Temperature 190-210°C
    Bed Temperature 50-70°C
    Closed chamber not required
    Fan 75-100%
    Flowrate 90-100%
    Printing Speed 35-60 mm/s
    Surface glass, masking tape
    Retraction (direct) 2-3 mm
    Retraction (bowden) 4-6 mm
    Retraction Speed 20-45 mm/s
  • + Addtional Information

    Additional information

    Weight 1.2 kg
    Dimensions 21 × 21 × 9 cm
    NETT Weight