Whether perfection exists or can be achieved, is just as important to us as the strive towards achieving it. This is something that can be seen throughout every aspect of anything we put our minds to.

It is the strive towards perfection that leads us to innovate, challenge everything, improve on the current and achieve greatness through simplicity.


Our Passion? It is simple really; be the best at whatever we do, achieve the unimaginable against all odds, challenge the norm, manufacture and produce products of unmatched quality, unrivalled innovation and unsurpassed superiority. This is our passion, this is our obsession and these are the fundamental standards we live by.

PCB Design

Are you a Maker or hobbyist looking to step it up and enter the world of PCB design?  Ranging from consulting on design to a full stack, end to end solution, we are here to help!

Working with key partners, we can consult, design and assemble, depending on your needs.

  • Consulting
  • PCB Design
  • GERBER setup
  • PCB Manufacturing
  • Custom product design

3D Printing

Using only the best materials and equipment, we design and manufacture custom enclosures and other prototypes.

  • Consulting
  • Product Design (CAD service)
  • 3D Render
  • Prototype printing with material of choice
  • Any other custom design product.